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Happy Clients


The PBLE(Pioneer Battery Life Enhancer) units worked very well. The CCA(cold cracking ampere) increased higher than the manufacturer's rated amount. I was very pleased.

  • By
    Mr. David Kantor(USA)

This is to inform you that we are using 30 pieces of battery Life Enhancers & are pleased with the results.
Following are observed
[1] Reduction in the acidic ordour.
[2] Reduction of Distilled water consumption.
[3] After connecting the pulsers, batteries which used to get heated up have become cool.
[4] Sulphation on the terminals have reduced significantly.
[5] Battery backup has increased & battery failure has reduced.

  • By
    MR. Eapen K.E, System Manager

After using the pble myself and satisfied with it, I started to gather customers. I require 6 pieces of 12v now. What price would you be quoting?

  • By
    Sachin Kolekar. (Karnataka)

We are running Transportation Company with several vehicles for goods services. We were facing problems with our Lead Acid Batteries. Terminals of these batteries where getting corroded every now & then, We have to hamrner it out to replace the terminals frequently. Engine starting problems with other battery related problems where plenty. When we Installed PBLE-12V on our battery we absolutely got read of terminal corrosion problem. We are convinced the product will prolong the battery life. we are very happy with the results and we will try to spread the word as much as we can.

  • By
    V K Transport(Mumbai)

After using the PBLE-12V desulfator product from Pioneer Battery Enhancer company, I have been able to reclaim old batteries that were lying idle & not working. After using the desulfator on the lead-acid batteries they have come back to life, The product has been tried & rejuvenated my 3 old lead-acid 12v batteries. much like the "SANJEEVNI" medicine.

  • By
    Rakesh Sharma (Haryana)

I Like your Product.

  • By
    Mr. Raja Shahul.(TamilNadu)

keep the good work going on. i am very happy to use PBLE 12V product.

  • By
    Mr. Arvind Kumar.(Haryana)

Very Good item. Has restored my inverter batteries to a large extent.

  • By
    Mr. Pramod Nair (Andhra Pradesh)

Reduced my battery charge time, so i save my electricity.

  • By
    Fazalammad Patil (Karnataka)