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  • What causes a lead acid battery to go bad? ?

    The most common cause of premature battery failure...
    Is due to a build-up of sulfate on the plates, which interferes with the charging and discharging of the battery. This build-up is accelerated by the following:

    • high temperature -- over 70 degrees
    • discharging the battery below 10.5 volts
    • storage without charging
    The best way to prevent and remove this build-up is to use a Pioneer Battery Life Enhancer.

  • How do I use Pioneer Battery Life Enhancer electronic device?

    Just like Jumper Cables, the Pioneer Battery Life Enhancer electronic device come with two leads, one red and one black.
    In applications using battery, connect the red lead to the positive terminal of the battery, and the black lead to the negative terminal of the battery, and forget it!

  • How can I tell if my battery is going bad?

    Your battery will give some indications of impending failure if you know what to look for. They are:
    • Slow-starting.
    • Headlights dim at low engine RPM (Revolutions per minute as in idling).
    • Ammeter indicating discharge at high RPM
    • Battery seems to be losing performance in any other way

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