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Battery Life Enhancer

Ideal Areas of Application for
Battery desulfator or battery life Enhancer

  • Automotive Batteries.
  • Solar farm storage systems.
  • Back-up system Battery Balks.
  • Marine Batteries.
  • DC system of electrical substation.
  • Telecommunication hubs.
  • UPS Battery Banks.
  • Truck Batteries.
  • Electrical cars & scooters.
  • Wind farm storage system.
  • DC starting system.
  • Wheelchair Batteries

Automobile Battery desulfator ( Car Battery desulfator, Truck Battery desulfator, Bus Battery desulfator, Riksha Battery desulfator )

  • The plates of automotive type batteries are manufactured with high porosity, to maximize the surface area to allow maximum amperage discharge for a short period of time. sulfation poses a major problem for this type of battery construction. PBLE will help decompose the hard sulfation crystals so your car battery will last for its maximum life with a constant high capacity.

Batteries used in Renewable Energy, Marine and RV applications. (Solar Generator, Wind Generator)

  • For deep cycle batteries used in Renewable Energy, Marine and RV applications, sulfation buildup is a real problem because these batteries are not regularly charged to their full capacity. Conditioning the battery with PBLE makes good sense to maximize the life span of these batteries.

Industrial Batteries (forklift battery desulfator)

  • In the case of industrial batteries, such as a forklift batteries, where the recommendation is to perform equalization charges every 4 to 6 cycles, PBLE will help ensure the batteries last their maximum possible lifespan.

Wheelchair Batteries

  • Wheelchair batteries are Lead Acid Batteries. PBLE maintain these batteries in uniform operating conditions & at the same time increase the life of the batteries many folds.

Home Inverter

  • Batteries used with Inverter for domestic application are deep cycle batteries. These batteries are discharged regularly & deeply, with heavy sulfation. PBLE takes care of sulfation, increasing the life of Batteries 2 to 3 times.