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Battery Life Enhancer

Battery Life Enhancer
5 years warrenty.

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PBLE-12v - Battery Desulfator 12V

For 12 Volt to be use on battery powered vehicles or battery systems, Inverter batteries, most commonly used on golf carts batteries. Mounted full time to keep the batteries in optimum condition permanently. The system should be charged regularly.10mm eye rings for attachment to the battery terminals.

Color : Yellow
Size : 60mm Length x 47mm Breadth x 20mm Height
Current Protection : Reversed polarity protection up to 180 amp.



  • Automobile Battery

    Car Battery desulfator, Truck Battery desulfator, Bus Battery desulfator, Riksha Battery desulfator

  • Industrial Batteries

    In the case of industrial batteries, such as a forklift batteries, where the recommendation is to perform equalization charges every 4 to 6 cycles, PBLE will help ensure the batteries last their maximum possible lifespan.

  • Home Inverter

    Batteries used with Inverter for domestic application are deep cycle batteries. These batteries are discharged regularly & deeply, with heavy sulfation. PBLE takes care of sulfation, increasing the life of Batteries 2 to 3 times.

  • Wheelchair Batteries

    Wheelchair batteries are Lead Acid Batteries. PBLE maintain these batteries in uniform operating conditions & at the same time increase the life of the batteries many folds.