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Thus, disposal of batteries has come to occupy an extremely significant position in the eyes of battery manufacturers and recycling organizations. Unfortunately, one widely used method is to send them to landfills, although this is definitely not an environment friendly option.

Harmful Effects on human and Earth.
For humans, both lead and cadmium can be taken only by ingestion or inhalation. Mercury another harmful metals can even be absorbed through the skin, although this metal's use in batteries has declined greatly due to laws and regulations that have been put in place (E.g. US Battery Act, 1996) to reduce its content.

These harmful substances permeate into the soil, groundwater and surface water through landfills and also release toxins into the air when they are burnt in municipal waste combustors. Moreover, cadmium is easily taken up by plant roots and accumulates in fruits, vegetables and grass. The impure water and plants in turn are consumed by animals and human beings, who then fall prey to a host of ill-effects. Studies indicate that nausea, excessive salivation, abdominal pain, liver and kidney damage, skin irritation, headaches, asthma, nervousness, decreased IQ in children and sometimes even cancer can result from exposure to such metals for a sufficient period of time.

In addition, potassium, if it leaks, can cause severe chemical burns thereby affecting the eyes and skin. Landfills also generate methane gas leading to the greenhouse effect and global climatic changes.

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  • Reduce Maintenance

    Frequency of adding DM water reduces so reduce Battery maintenance

  • Start Vehical Fastly

    It is increases CCI(cold cracking ampere) helps in starting vehicle in cold whether

  • Save Battery

    It protects battery from sulfation when battery is not in use.

  • increases specific gravity

    Cleans plate and increases specific gravity of acid so it increases life of battery

  • saving electricity charges

    Battery loose life span even before use! Battery Life Enhancer when connected cleans the electrodes & keeps it in cleaned state thereby saving the extra electricity charges required to overcome the corrosion problem.